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Local Businessman has a ‘Been There, Done That’ Approach

harold connellHe came to Memphis in 2001 carrying everything he owned in a suitcase. Everything he thought that mattered in life was all but gone.
“Locked up, sobered up or covered up,” were the words that rang in his ears, as he stepped through the doors of Synergy Treatment Center to make yet another attempt at sobriety.But this time was different. This time, the Higher Power that Harold Connell chooses to call God had finally permeated the pride and ego that kept him trapped inside a bottle for the better part of 40 years.

“My daughter was 18 and would not speak to me. My wife had filed for divorce and put me out of the house,” Connell recalled. “My business partner had me put out of my own business and off the property where I was sleeping on the floor. I was drinking every waking moment 24/7, which led up to my last arrest. It was a living hell. I wanted to die but could not pull the trigger as I had tried many attempts with a shotgun in my mouth or pistol to my head.”

Connell, who is now the President of Connell Behavioral Health Systems (CBHS) in Southaven, Miss., said a year at Synergy gave him exactly what he needed to move forward.

“This was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me a whole year to figure out who and what I was,” he said. “It only took me until age 41 to know who Harold Connell really was. I did not even know what my favorite color was. Today it’s blue.”
Formed in 2011, CBHS manages acute med hospitals to provide the safest form of detoxification for drugs, known as medical stabilization in a hospital setting. Haywood Park Community Hospital in Brownsville, Tenn., is currently partnered with CBHS in this capacity.

Locally, an intensive outpatient and Suboxone detox program is available through another partner, HealthQuest of Memphis.
Waco, Texas-based Southern Addiction and Behavioral Health, of which Connell serves as Vice President, manages Lake Shore Psychological Group, which treats all types of mental health conditions for adults and adolescents and provides an outpatient detox and intensive outpatient program.

“I believe I have found my true purpose in life,” Connell says. “God spared me to work with other just like me. If someone would have told me eleven and a half years ago I would have the life I have today I would have laughed and called hem a liar. I am truly blessed and it’s only by Gods grace!”

CBHS recently launched its new Web site and continues to grow both locally and nationally.
Connell brings more than 35 years of sales and marketing experience to the table. He was the youngest man ever hired by the National Motor Club at the age of 16. He was the national key account manager with Ferry-Morris Seed Company, second largest seed sales provider, and has owned three private businesses.

His experience in the alcohol and drug treatment marketing for Foundations Recovery Network, known locally today in Memphis as LaPaloma Treatment Center.
Connell’s business partner, Clark Converse, President of Clay Con, is the owner of Turning Point Recovery Center, located in Cordova, Tenn., and Southaven, Miss. Turning Point treats adults and adolescents for substance abuse and mental health conditions.

Connell says he met Converse about five years ago while working at Foundations, and their continued relationship both as business partners and friends has been a blessing.

Connell says, “We believe in change. That a person like myself can change if the work is put fourth. I also think with me and my co-owner being in recovery is a big plus. We have been there ourselves and I was of a hopeless case.
“If nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s simple, but not easy.”

Harold Connell can be reached at by phone at (662) 280-5758 or visit www.behavioralhealth4u. com or haroldconnellrecovery.

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