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Clark, Debbie & Bobby:
Was just out doing my daily walk and heard Clark on the headset with a commercial.  It sounds sincere and inviting for those you’re trying to reach. Nice job for a rookie. That from a guy whose only gig is 7-9am on Saturday mornings! Remember those spots are how I found you guys months before I finally showed up on your door. It gave me cause to reflection during the walk, after all it is spring time right? Is this weather crazy or what?
Allow me a moment to tell you three folks and the entire staff again how much I appreciate your program for giving me the tools ... sorry Bobby, the skills to get my life back in order.  It reminded me that I had lived a happier and healthy lifestyle before I allowed using to eat away at my core beliefs again. Anger and depression had eaten away my values. The Nike "just do it" approach takes commitment but the reward is personal happiness and a renewed vision of hope for the future. It's been up to me and there are still days when crap can get in my head. That's the disease talking to me. My solution has been an active volunteer role in my church, four to five meetings a week, daily or almost daily physical exercise and that's preceded by daily meditation readings and prayer.
Our marriage is about 90% repaired with open communication that is better than at any point. This will sound almost too thick, but yes Bobby and Debbie I finally feel some "Balance" in my life.                  
God is great ... and so are you guys!
Sincerely, Larry E

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