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I’d like to share a few thoughts on my experience at The Turning Point Recovery. I came to Clark’s office in July 2009 when the hospital counselor gave me a referral while my wife was recovering from a stress related coma caused by finding out I had continued drinking secretly whenever she wasn’t at home. For over 25 years I’d struggled with alcoholism on and off and filling out the intake form at the outpatient treatment center seemed a waste of time. I was told “I think we can help you Mr. L, when can you come back to see us?”

My weeks at TPR were the beginning of a divinely guided walk in faith that I’ve been on now for 2-1/2 years now. Clark’s program has the perfect combination of the right people to encourage my honesty and self-evaluation while supplying the skills I needed to enlighten my ignorance about this “dis-ease” I couldn’t conquer. The insights I gained are priceless and I still use the skills he taught me today. The requirement to attend AA meetings regularly and get a temporary sponsor within 2 weeks set me on the path toward a God ordained friendship that is ongoing and has introduced me to a prison ministry (Kairos) that God has also used to step up the growth process in my life. I’ve been on an accelerated journey filled with insights, blessings, freedom and spiritual growth that is often flirting with the fourth dimension that Bill W. was rocketed to in his stories. I have close ties with Clark and some alumni that are so valuable as a support network, ever providing a needed base of those I can rely on and trust in times of struggle, and yes I can deal with those without a crutch now, thanks to the Bridge I took to recovery.

God Bless you Clark

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